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We started Mammoth Bar with the unwavering belief that our health should never have to surrender to the speed and convenience of the modern world. Each Mammoth Bar we make is created with this battle cry in mind. We chose the woolly mammoth to represent our brand because we doubt this legendary creature was doing much surrendering back in the day, and we tend to like that attitude. 

We (co-founders Mike and Anthony) originally met while playing football in Southern California. After college, we reconnected in the Bay Area and not long after launched Mammoth Bar. Not only do we share the same birthday, but we also share a passion for healthy living. We are both ardent followers of the Paleo diet (minus the occasional beer) and have an affinity for high-quality food products that naturally fuel a high-energy lifestyle.  

After searching for a portable snack that met the high standards of the Paleo diet, we soon realized that our options were limited. It was either a gluten-laced bomb, sugar-loaded dessert, or only slightly better, a "healthy" nut bar that tasted like cardboard - seriously. This was the impetus for starting Mammoth Bar - a belief that people have a right to demand more from the products that they consume.

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