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Everything you need to know about egg white protein powder

by Savanna Nelson June 27, 2022

Everything you need to know about egg white protein powder

You might know by now that the main source of protein in Mammoth Bars is egg white powder. But what exactly is that? Why not just use whey isolate protein, like most other bars on the market? Long story short, because we want to ensure that our customers are fueling their bodies with the best possible premium ingredients. But for now, here’s everything you never knew you needed to know about egg white protein. 

What exactly is egg white protein powder?

According to historians, humans have been eating eggs as a protein source for over 6 million years. And for good reason- they contain significant amounts of vitamins B2, B12, A, B5, and selenium. They also contain smaller amounts of almost every other vitamin and mineral that the body requires, causing them to be considered among the most nutritious foods on earth. However, in recent decades, medical researchers have discouraged overconsumption of the yolks of eggs. This is because the yolk contains a high amount of fat, calories and cholesterol. High cholesterol levels have been linked to heart health issues, causing skepticism in some.

The perfect solution? Just consume the white. Egg whites contain the highest protein content (67% of all protein found in eggs). They are low in calories- one large egg white has only 18 calories, and a whopping 4 grams of protein. Furthermore, they are virtually free of fat and cholesterol.


Egg white protein powder has only one ingredient- you guessed it, egg whites. Mammoth Bars only use organic eggs sourced from a cage-free farm.This means that the chickens laying our eggs are only fed an organic diet, they are never given hormones or antibiotics, and they have free access to the outdoors. These organic standards ensure that our egg whites are of the highest quality on the market.

How is it made?

Egg white protein powder is made by removing the yolks from eggs, then dehydrating and pasteurizing the whites. Egg whites are the sole ingredient- no weird stuff!


How does it stack up against other types of protein powders?

Compared to whey protein, egg white protein has about 10 fewer calories and slightly less fat. It also digests more slowly. This is a positive thing because the fast absorption rate of whey can cause potential spikes in blood sugar levels and cause cravings and hunger. Perhaps most importantly, however, egg white protein is dairy-free. It is a great alternative for people who are lactose intolerant or have dairy sensitivities. Furthermore, it does not cause the bloating and gas that often occur while using whey.

Compared to soy, egg white protein has significantly less carbohydrates and fat. It also has 87% less calories, 97% less sugar, and a much better macronutrient profile than soy powder. Pea protein is similar to egg white protein in terms of nutritional value, though it has a slightly smaller amino acid content. The main difference is that pea protein is vegan, while egg white protein is vegetarian.

What are its benefits?

1. Amino acid content: amino acids are commonly called the “building blocks of life”, helping the body to fight stress, absorb nutrients, produce energy, and repair tissue. There are nine which are classified as essential, and the body cannot produce these naturally. Egg whites are a great way to consume these amino acids, since they contain all nine. In fact, they have the highest amino acid score out of any whole food! Per 100g, egg whites pack 7.5g of Leucine (which synthesizes protein), 4.6g Isoleucine (which regulates blood sugar), and 5.4g Phenylalanine (which helps regulate mood). And that’s only a fraction of their benefits!

2. Bioavailability : bioavailability refers to the amount of amino acids that actually make it to the muscle. To test this, scientists use PDCAAS, or the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score. The higher score a source has, the more protein humans can actually use from it. For reference, almonds have a PDCAAS value of about 48%. Egg white protein powder has a value of 100%, meaning that our bodies can take full advantage of every gram it provides! 


  Table 1: Protein bioavailability ranking of common foods (ComproGear 2022)

3. Encourages Muscle Growth & Prevents Breakdown : muscle growth happens much more quickly when we consume protein after a workout. This is because the protein reduces the amount of muscle breakdown we experience. Compared to soy and whey, egg white protein is digested very slowly. This means that it delivers a continuous stream of aminos to the muscle, feeding it for a long period of time. Bonus: egg white protein is also superior to consume before bed, since it will continue to supply muscle fuel throughout the night.

4. Optimizes Brain and Bodily Functions: 81% of magnesium found in eggs resides in the white. Getting enough magnesium is critical for memory, learning, and healthy brain development. It also assists with heartbeat regulation, sleep quality, and more. Similarly, whites contain 75% of an egg’s potassium, making them a great source of electrolytes. In addition, potassium reduces blood pressure and lowers the risk of complications such as strokes, osteoporosis, and kidney stones.


When to consume egg white protein powder

You can eat egg white protein at any time! It helps curb appetite, so eating it as a snack in between meals will help you feel satisfied. If you are trying to build muscle, incorporating it after a workout is optimal, since it aids in recovery and reduces breakdown. The good thing is that Mammoth Bars are easy to throw in your bag and consume whenever is convenient for you! They don’t require refrigeration, so as long as you have a few on hand, you’ll never lack that protein your body craves.

The bottom line

Essentially, egg whites are high in vitamins and protein and low in everything else. This makes them the perfect source of clean energy, and a food you should feel good about consuming. Pair this with the fact that we use the highest possible caliber of organic eggs, and Mammoth Bar is basically the purest form of natural protein!



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Savanna Nelson
Savanna Nelson

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