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How many bars are in each box? 

10 individually wrapped bars. 

What comes in the Variety box?

The Variety Box has 10 bars total and will contain at least 2 bars of each of our 4 signature flavors.  Unfortunately, we cannot customize the variety box to contain a specific number of individual flavors. 

Where else can I buy Mammoth Bars? 

Our bars are available at select retail locations throughout the Bay Area, and nationally at all Peet's Coffee locations including airports and stand-alone locations. 

Where can I find nutritional information?

This is available on the images section of the checkout page for each bar. 

What is the shelf life of Mammoth Bars?

The room temperature shelf-life ranges between 4 months (Macadamia Coconut and Cashew Cinnamon) and 6 months (Almond Vanilla and Goji Berry Trailmix).  Of course, because this is a "real food" product, we recommend refrigerated storage for best freshness and texture. If your bars last longer than 4 months... geez, we aren't doing our job and we will gladly buy them back from you.

Do I NEED to refrigerate Mammoth Bars?

Nope, think of it like an apple. Mammoth Bars are 100% raw and made with perishable food, so we recommend refrigeration. But don’t freak out, they will still be ultra-fresh if left in a gym bag for a few days or go trekking with you on a weekend camping trip.

Are Mammoth Bars Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Grain-free, soy/legume-free, Non-GMO?

Yes, yes, yes, and YES! While our bars are not "certified" gluten-free, we do produce Mammoth Bars in a certified gluten-free room within our production facility.

Are Mammoth Bars Certified Organic? What does it mean to be Certified Organic?

Yes. Mammoth Bars are certified organic by CCOF. Being certified organic means that a third party agency performs an annual inspection to ensure traceability and authenticity of organic ingredients.

What kind of eggs are used in Mammoth Bars... are they cage free?

We source the highest quality egg white powder imaginable. Our eggs are sourced from a farm in Wisconsin that raises their chickens by strict organic standards. Organic eggs by definition are cage free where chickens are fed 100% organic feed and have access to the great outdoors. Additionally, "organic" means that egg producers cannot use antibiotics or other harmful chemicals on their chickens. 

Are Mammoth Bars Vegan and/or Vegetarian? 

Our bars are made with Egg White Protein which qualifies them as vegetarian, but disqualifies them as being vegan.

What the heck is "Baobab"?

Are Mammoth Bars made with real Mammoth?

Yes. I mean no. I mean... Woolly Mammoths are extinct but we are currently exploring a Jurassic Park scenario whereby we bring the Woolly Mammoth back to life to help work in our production factory, because word has it that Woolly Mammoths are extremely hard workers and can be used as transportation in a pinch.

How does the subscription package work? 

The subscription re-order program is a great way to "set it and forget it."  Save 10% on your order plus get all the benefits of Free Shipping.  

Can I combine discount codes with my subscription package? 

We are not able to combine discount codes with the subscription package due to the discounted pricing already built into the subscription package itself. 

How much protein is in each bar? 

There's at least 10 grams of protein in each bar and up to 12 grams in the Almond Vanilla and Goji Berry Trailmix bars.


Why do you only ship to the United States? 

Unfortunately because our product is 100% raw, we face certain issues with international shipping of perishable foods. We are working to better serve our international customers but at this stage have decided to focus our efforts domestically here in the United States.

Why do Mammoth Bars cost $32.95 per box?

It's a fair question and we get it a lot. It all comes down to two factors - production and ingredient cost. Mammoth Bars are handcrafted in small batches, which is a vastly more time consuming process versus most other bar brands. We have found that small batches makes an enormous difference when it comes to taste and quality, so we opted to go this route even though it has an impact on cost. Mammoth Bars are also made with the   highest-quality ingredients on the planet. The bulk of our cost comes from our use of 100% raw and organic ingredients. With Mammoth Bar, you get what you pay for.

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